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Hypnotherapist, Bio-Energetician ( France).
Mental Health Specialist. Corporate Consultant.
Author-“Live Your Dreams”.”Yogic Youngsters”

My Leadership Philosophy: "I am a Love based Leader, Who believes leadership, is about Self -respect, Love & Happiness. Helping others to nurture themselves Personally-Professionally & Spiritually".

Acharya VVenkat is the President & CEO, Academy of Human Excellence Not for profit organization started as an initiative towards social development and GNYY (Global Network of Young Yogis). AOHE’s focus is on Mental Health Wellness.

Acharya VVenkat is Certified Integrated Hypno-Therapist, Bio-energetician (FRANCE), Past Life Regression Therapist, M.A Psychology in Child Mental Health and MBA(HR).He has Authored two books “Live your Dreams” and “Yogic Youngsters”.

He is also doing research on Social Psychiatry . He has Integrated Modern science and Spiritual science and has developed “ YOGIC HEALING” workshop, a MIND BODY SOUL healing which includes deep understanding of Mind/Subconscious Mind, Meditation techniques, basic yoga, breathwork, basic anatomy, kundalini Kriya yoga, self -hypnosis, Pastlife regression etc. He has trained over 12,000 participants who have benefitted at various levels.

A Mental Health Wellness and non-residential De-Addiction REHABILITATION CENTER at Hyderabad is in service for Drug addictions, substance abuse, sexual health, smoking and alcohol.

He has designed workshops for youngsters called “LIVE YOUR DREAMS & YOGIC YOUNGSTER” to help them develop and become successful personally and professionally. He has also designed “ YOGIC PARENTING” to help Parents and Teachers with modern and ancient skills of parenting and tutoring.

Acharya V Venkat has been conducting workshops in various organisations, schools and colleges and travels to various countries to facilitate “ YOGIC HEALING” workshops. He has traveled to Europe, U.K, Singapore, Malayasia, Srilanka.

As part of Corporate wellness Initiative – Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces, He conducts Stress Management & Conflict resolution workshops in various Corporate organizations. Clients list includes HCL, CII, Mahindra Satyam, MCHRD, MTS, Titan Group. He is specialist in treating Psychological and Physical illness through integrated approach and holistic medicine. He also helps the clients to discover their self through spiritual Coaching.

Acharya VVenkat has spent considerable amount of time with Yogis, Swamis and masters from Himalayas and around the world. His journey as spiritual healer started fifteen years ago and he is initiated into Sri Vidhya practice & Acharya practice by his Guru Acharya Yogananda.

He also maintains an Ashram “ Baladatta Seva Ashram “ at Tiruttani ,India. The activities of the Ashram is to spread holistic healing and spiritual knowledge, Vedic School and Gaushala project is in progress.
Office & Holistic Mental Health Wellness Centre & Research Foundation:

Contact: +919949957979. +919032565949 Mail: acharyawenkat@gmail.com

Website: www.aohe.in .

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