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Why Disease is Caused?

Any Conflict or unique experiences or crisis which the Mind and the body cannot handle creates stress. That stress causes imbalance at Thought level – Emotional level – Energy level – Physical body level. As Einstein coted rightly “ ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED NOR DESTROYED IT CAN ONLY TRANSFORMED FROM ONE FORM TO ANOTHER” . If this is true then Like wise a Thought gets transformed into emotion then based on the kind of emotion it gets transformed into energy and then to the physical body. When the Intervention happens at all the four levels then Healing and change happens at a fast pace.

Alternative Medicine has always proved successful, we help clients with healing and therapies through Modern science and spiritual Healing. Practices such as Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Age regression, Past life regression, counselling, EFT, Bio - Energies, Homeopathy, Ayurveda. Some areas where Healing & Therapy works.

Abuse Acidity Addictions Age Regression Agression
Agrophobia Amnesia Anger Anxiety Asthma
Attitude issues Back Pain Bed Wetting Behavioral issues Bloodpressure
Breathing issues Burns Career issues Cerebral Palsy Child Birth Issues
Chronic Pain Communication Issues Concentration Cravings Dandruff
Death or Loss Depression Divorce Issues Dreams Dyslexia
Ear, Nose and
Throat Issues
Eczema Egg Allergy Emotional Disturbance Exam Anxiety
Energy Drain Fear of Animals Fear of Darkness Fear of Death Fear Of Failure
Fear of Flying Fear of Heights Fear of Loss of Control Fear of Medicines Fear of School
Fear of Success Fear of Surgery Fear of Water Fear of Injections Fear of Intimacy
Forgivene ss Frustration Goal Accomplish ments Gult
Headaches Helplessness Hypertension Impotency Infections
Inferiority Complex Insecurity Insomnia Jealousy Nail Biting
Nausea Pain Management Paralysis Parkinsons disease Passive Aggressive Behavior
Past Life Regression Phobias Polycystic Ovarian
Premature Ejaculation
Psoriasis Public Speaking Rejection Relationship Issues Sadness
Self Confidence Self Esteem Self defeating Attitudes and
Sexual Problems
Shame Skin Problems Smoking Cessation Snoring Stress Management
Stammering Sweating Thyroid Issues Ulcers Weight Management
Worry and Many more areas        
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