Few Testimonials from Participants & Clients

Yogic Healing -Journey of the Mind Body Soul Workshop

I was very stressed and tensed because of work and other domestic pressures, I attended Yogic healing workshop and it helped me understand many things about Mind Body and Soul. I was able to release my stress with techniques taught in the sessions.

- Srinivas- Software Engineer

I wanted to learn Yoga and Meditation and was searching for a place to learn when a friend of mine suggested to attend Yogic healing, I met Acharyavenkat and he explained me how the sessions were developed, I am happy that i made the decision to attend the program, the techniques are so simple to understand and practice Thank you.

- Suryanaryana - Software Architect.

I had severe migrane and was on medication, I attended the work shop and the breathing techniques and the understanding i gained about the Mind and Body helped me heal my migrane and other health related issues.

- Arvind .

I liked the session, it was good experience knowing & feeling the connection between science and practice.

- Somya.

Very good sessions I gained lot of knowledge about my Body, present and past karmas.

- Aruna, house wife

The kundalini yoga experience was amazing, I released all my stress Thank you for a wonderful session

- Puneet- Businessman

Healing & Therapies

It was a great experience having the session with you. The session was very powerful. The process of induction was very smooth and the entire therapy session went smoothly. Some of the things revealed to me were very magical. It helped me understand various aspects of my life which were otherwise disturbing and now I am very calm. Thank you
Ajay Pillai (Actor)

My Name is Ajay S Pillai and i m from Mumbai......I met Venkat through my Friend and while talking to him got to know that he is a Hypnotherapist and Bio-Energetician and helps people come out of their issues (if there are any). So i spoke to him about my issues and thought that i should give a try to get some help from him. Initially i was not that inclined towards these things and didnt believe in such things at alI. But i gave a try and i still cant believe that alongwith all the other issues that has been resolved, ive been able to come out of the bad habit of smoking and its been almost a month that i havent touched cigarettes! So i am really gratefull to him to help me come out of my issues and want to thank him for a smoke free life.... cheers to him.
Anand.. IT Professional

This is just to say thanks to you.After your therapies i found lots of changes in my life.I became more optimistic towards things in life & i have become more relaxed.Things that were getting stuck have started moving & falling in place. Thanks for the help.

Shyamala..House Wife

I am Shyamala Pillai had this severe knee & leg related problem since a long time.We had tried all types of treatments but was not working.Just with your sessions,I have almost started running now & even my diabetes has come under control to a great extent.Thanks for all your help.

Thankyou for the healing done for my daughter. My daughter had allergic bronchitis and was coughing since past month & was not responding to allopathy or homeopathy & i had started getting paranoid. Thats when we decided to do serrogate.After serrogate within a week her cough almost vanished & now its been a month she has never even got a slight cold & she has also changed so much after that,& we are thankful to you for the same. Thank you so much
Vasuda ( Nikhil’s Mother)

Nikhil’s Therapy:
Before the therapy Nikhil’s head had been sweating abnormally since a few days and on the day of the therapy his nose bled a bit twice. I was anxious as the doctor said it is not normal for the nose to bleed. Also Nikhil had been having disturbed sleep as he would wake up crying, shivering with fear and it would be difficult to calm him down in that state. After the therapy there was an immediate halt to the abnormal sweating and bleeding. His disturbed frightful sleep also went away completely after a week. This session reinforced my trust in hypnotherapy as such a potent therapeutic modality and its immediate results amaze me. I am deeply thankful to the competent, timely and effective intervention done by the therapist Mr. Venkat.

My therapy ( Vasuda):
Integration of inner children, release of curse and past life healing has had a tremendous obvious effect on my general sense of well being and more specifically on my confidence level and my ability to feel happy without fear. I am deeply grateful for the patient, skilled and non-intrusive therapeutic intervention made by my therapist

Divya... Professor
Firstly i would like to write few words about venkat. He a person with full on energy and the commitment he gives towards his work makes him successful.He is friendly and the attitude he carries makes the other person feel comforatable and this nature helps him in his therapy.I went to him to clear some doubts of my life as i was not able to understand why situations and relations are becoming harder for me to handle, where i was loosing control on my emotions. Another reason why i approached him is i was not able to aid my finances so that created a helplessness feeling in me which in turn i was developing anger in me which was destroying my relations and specially it was effecting my son. After the therapy i had an understanding of what was happening and got answers for my questions from higher self after knowing all these things i was able to stabilize my self and was able to control my anger as the helpless child in me got healed. Now i see my relations are becoming better and the relation with my son has improved a lot i stopped hitting my son and started operating out of love. I approached him for another session where i wanted to know my purpose of life. This session was so beautiful i can't express it in words. It was a great experience for me.I could see my spiritual guides who took me through my life plan.I was blessed by them where the healing took place.I was so overwhelmed with joy after the session. I am thankful to venkat for his wonderful therapy and without him this wouldn't have been possible.Venkat the energy u carry is amazing.

This is to let you know that how therapy has helped me.It has dissolved my inner child issues, also headaches which were related because of past life cell memories getting activated. Accepting others as unique individual and talking to masters and they giving me knowledge about my purpose of my current life, What i should be doing? For what my soul incarnated for. All this has got communicated as and when needed. All this is possible because of my Therapist Mr Venkat who has also helped me through this wonderful journey of discovering a beautiful myself, also i wanted to understand why my marriage was not taking place due to which there was confusion, frustration and after therapy now my relationship is very good with my fiancée and the issues are resolved. Thank you to Venkat.

Amrita.. HR IT Industry
One of the things which helped me through the sessions is getting to know myself better, i was very hyper for everything , after the session i became calmer and my relationships got beautiful both personally and professionally. The counselling helped me to make clear choices.

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